Birdseye view of Hutchison



Birdseye view of Hutchison


Edible Estates (EE) were asked by Edinburgh Council to work with the residents of Hutchison (an estate in the SW of Edinburgh,) to identify ways in which greenspaces in the neighbourhood could be improved with the support of the community and the Council.

In 2019, EE ran a series of community consultations that highlighted the interests of the residents, e.g. community growing, nature and relaxation, and identified locations which could be improved. The establishment of a neighbourhood garden in their local green space was a particularly popular idea among residents. The project was delayed through 2020 by the Covid pandemic.

Considerable work was then done to decide on an ideal location, which was narrowed down to inside the southerly block of tenements between Hutchison Ave & Hutchison Medway. Following a resident survey that received a majority positive response, a planning application was submitted for this site, to which planning permission has been granted.

A resident group, working alongside a community gardener have now started work on the garden.
Community gardener sessions take place on Thursdays & Saturday 9:30am – 12:30pm.

See project pages below for more information.

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