Hutchison Community Greenspace Study


Hutchison Community Greenspace Study

Community Participative Design Exercise

On the 26th January 2019, Edible Estates were invited by Cllr Gavin Corbett to deliver a short community participative design exercise with residents of Hutchison. Twenty residents attended the event.


The exercise drew out valuable information of the priorities, concerns and dreams of local residents with regards to the management of local greenspace/public realm. It found that there is demand for residents to be involved in the management of greenspace, and interest in creating a Hutchison Community Greenspace Association as a forum for further discussion & development.

The participants were asked about Hutchison : “What You Like?”, “What You Don’t Like?” and “What Would You Like To Have?”.   The summarised findings are shown below.

Top 5 Things We Like

1 – Tree Lined Streets
2 – Lots of Greenspaces
3 – Wildlife / Birds
4 – Sense of Community
5 – Fresh Air

Top 5 Things We Don’t Like

1 – Dog Fouling
2 – Litter
3 – Lack of benches / picnic tables
4 – Not enough biodiversity
5 – Seadecking / Tarmacing

Top Ten Ideas To Improve Hutchison Greenspace / Public Realm

1 – A Community Garden
2 – Opportunities to grow fruit and vegetables.
3 – Improvements to greenspace around Cycle Path
4 – Area set aside for dog walkers (with high fence and poo bins)
5 – Greater biodiversity / wildlife (specific locations highlighted)
6 – Community Days (litter picking)
7 – Fenced greenspace opened up
8 – Community Cafe / Shop
9 – Community composting facilities
10 – More seating / picnic tables for rest and relaxation

Community Greenspace Reports

We have prepared several reports to provide a basis for identifying potential community greenspace projects for Hutchison.  We will update the reports as the study continues, and compile them into a final report later in 2020.

Hutchison Community Survey Report 1.1

Hutchison Greenspace Survey Report 1.1

Hutchison Greenspace Interventions Report 1.1

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