Pippa Lobban


In 2023, Edible Estates have been conducting a feasibility study on behalf of Edinburgh City Council, to investigate options for taking a community gardening approach to greenspace on council housing land.

At the outset, the goal was to identify potential sites for a community garden. After a mapping exercise and several consultations with residents, we have not yet identified a suitable site. We do see an opportunity to take a more ‘distributed’ approach to community gardening across the estate.

There is a growing group of enthusiastic residents who want to get involved to improve their greenspace and come together as a community.

The first pilot project has been started to improve green spaces distributed across Oxgangs. We are working with residents of 3 Oxgangs Drive to implement a ‘biodiversity border’. It will be full of plants that attract a wide range of creatures and also make the area pleasant for the residents.

With neighbours joining in from across the area, we hope this will be the catalyst for more greenspace interventions.

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