Lend a Hand

Our new pilot project, Lend a Hand (LAH), provides wellbeing, training, and volunteering opportunities for people over 50 and out of work. Like our Growing Youth programme, LAH offers participants training opportunities in construction, landscaping, and horticulture. The programme currently has 18 active participants and operates at three sites across the city; Muirhouse Neighbourhood Garden, Calders Community Garden, and Leith’s Citadel Community Garden.

During sessions, participants learn construction, landscaping, and horticultural skills in a community-based setting. They help with the construction and development of community gardens, which includes building timber sheds, vegetable beds, helping with renovation works, maintaining paths, and installing water services.

Many of the participants we’ve met face uncertainties and barriers when accessing the job market, whether that be due to age, digital literacy, confidence, or mental and physical health. In addition to gaining practical skills, a huge focus of the programme is to help participants connect with others in the local community, increase confidence, reduce social isolation, and improve their overall health.

Click on the links below to see how the LAH teams has been getting on in Muirhouse, the Calders, and Leith!