Canal View School Farm


Canal View School Farm

Edible Estates started working with Canal View Primary School in 2017.  We provide a Natural Play Worker who works with four P2 and P3 classes, and two Community Gardeners who work with four P6 and P7 classes.

We have established a farm site on the school grounds, including a large polytunnel, lots of growing beds and a shed for storing tools.  The four P6 and P7 classes participate in the school farm once a week throughout the school year.  The school farm was devised to fulfil multiple goals of the Curriculum for Excellence, and the teachers have confirmed that it is meeting expectations.

In 2019, we established a relationship between the school farm project and the neighbouring Holy Trinity Church which operates a community cafe and a food bank.  The children have grown produce for the food bank, and the church have helped with maintaining the farm over the summer holidays when the children aren’t there.  We hope to start a Summer School Farm programme in 2020 so the children benefit from the farm throughout the year.

If you have a child at the school, you can join the Canal View School Farm Facebook Group

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