Lend a Hand

Volunteering opportunities for people over 50 and out of employment. 

Edible Estates are offering informal training sessions for over 50 year olds who want to gain confidence and know-how whilst giving back to the community.

Lend a hand to project in Edible Estates’ community gardens and green spaces including building timber sheds and raised beds, helping with renovation works, maintaining paths, installing water service or growing fruit and veg.

Learn about safe tools use, construction, landscaping and horticulture in a community-based setting. Work efficiently as part of a small team while spending time outdoors and being physically active.

Session are currently Tuesday & Fridays 1 – 3:30pm in North West Edinburgh. More sessions will be announced in the coming weeks, so get in touch if you are interested.

No previous experience required. Get in touch to discuss what you’d like to gain from the training and we can match you with a suitable session.

Contact greta@edibleestates.scot or 07549 432 489