Edible Estates Launches Community Garden Work Programme 2022-23

November 1, 2022

Following the completion of our Community Garden Survey (CGS), Edible Estates has launched its Community Garden Work Programme 2022-23.

The programme will be delivered by us on behalf of Edinburgh Council and be comprised of both passive and active support packages. The two types of support will ensure that each of the 46 gardens reviewed in the CGS can benefit from the programme regardless of their support needs and current condition. 

The passive support package will be available to all community gardens on Housing Revenue Account Land and will encompass a range of on-call support, including advice, online management tools, and networking opportunities. 

The active support package will be provided to the community gardens in need of additional support as identified in the CGS. The support will be tailored to the individual garden’s specific needs, as directed by, and in liaison with its volunteers and/or management groups, council officers, and local third-party organisations. Support will include the provision of a Community Gardener, who will aid in restoring and renovating the site, installation of water supplies, and membership capacity building. 

Additionally, the CGS also identified Council estates where there are little to no provision of community growing spaces. As part of the programme’s active support element, feasibility studies will be conducted for those estates, with the view to constructing and establish gardens for those areas. 

To learn more about the CGS, click here. To stay updated on the community gardens receiving support, sign-up to our monthly newsletter here. 

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