Previous initiatives and research projects.
Glasgow Backcourts

In 2008, Re:Solution was commissioned by the Glasgow & Clyde Valley Green Network Partnership to deliver a study to assess the potential to improve people’s immediate living conditions by increasing the benefits provided by tenement backcourts, and to identify sustainable models for realising that potential.

During the study, we surveyed twelve tenement sites across the Glasgow & Clyde Valley, we surveyed households around these sites to ask their attitudes towards their backcourts, and we researched projects in Britain and further afield which offer examples of best practice in the management of greenspace.

We used this information to report upon the fitness for purpose of the backcourts at the sample sites in respect to the expectations of the communities which live around them, and to recommend solutions for working with these communities to support them to make the most of the greenspace on their doorstep.

The key findings of the study are summarised in the PDF leaflet below, if you are interested in further information regarding the study please contact us for a copy of the full report.