Wardieburn Community Backgreens

Re:Solution worked with local residents and stakeholders in Wardieburn (North Edinburgh) to develop ideas for the regeneration of greenspaces.  This resulted in the development of one pilot ‘community backgreen’, which has become a successful community garden.

The project is part of ‘Forth Community Food Growing Initiative’, (FCFGI) set up by Forth Neighbourhood Partnership’s  Clean, Green and Safe Action Group to investigate the potential to regenerate the greenspaces within tenement blocks.

The sites we investigated had a common layout of a square of tenements encircling a ring of tarmac which in turn encircled a shared greenspace.  The subject of the study was these greenspaces.  The greenspaces were uniformly unkempt with the remnants of old fencing creating smaller spaces which were now unused.  

Our intervention largely involved creating a third ring of greenspaces which were divided up into small plots for residents to grow food in.  We retained a central shared space for the shared tool shed and a recreational space in which we installed a sandpit and natural play features.

FCFGI is one of several projects Re:Solution are working on in council estates.  They all have the goal of forging a new relationship between communities and their local greenspace, and setting up edible landscaping initiatives which will result in degraded urban greenspace being brought into use.

The project is part of a trend for local authorities opening up to community growing projects as a tool for community regeneration.

Update: in 2015 one of the residents started rearing chickens at our pilot site.

Client: City of Edinburgh Council

Timeline: 2012 – 2013

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