Craigmillar Edible Estates
Craigmillar Edible Estates, is a collaborative project between the Community Alliance Trust and Edible Estates.  We started with a scoping study in 2012 to investigate the opportunities to establish community greenspace projects in three neighbourhoods in south east Edinburgh – Magdalene, Niddrie Mill and Bingham.

The study surveyed local greenspace, a mapped stakeholders and surveyed the interest of local residents in the development of a community growing project.  The study resulted in the development of a community growing project in the Magdalene estate.  See Craigmillar Proposal for more information (right side bar).

Magdalene Edible Estate

The Magdalene Edible Estates is the first of our projects in Craigmillar.  The project started in April 2015 following confirmation of funding by the Climate Challenge Fund.  Work started on the construction of the Estate Growing Hub in May.  The hub will provide growing plots for 40 residents.  

Alongside the community self-build of the hub, we are also running a We Are What We Eat programme of workshops which promote healthy eating and awareness about the local food and the impact of food choices on the climate.

Local Area Partner: Community Alliance Trust
Development Partner/s: Re:Solution & Wester Hailes Edible Estates
Timeline: 2012 – Present