Edible Estates
The key elements of the Edible Estates approach are set out below.
Estate Growing Hub
The Estate Growing Hub provides a base of operations for the Edible Estates project in the neighbourhood, it provides a place where participants can manage a raised bed whilst they learn and practice the basics of growing their own, and a starting point for the planning of further projects.

The key features of an Estate Growing Hub are set out below:-

Growing Plots

A typical hub, would provide growing plots (raised bed) for thirty to fifty participants.  Each individual would manage their own raised bed (4 feet by 12 feet).  Whilst the beds are small, the intention is for participants to move on to establish larger growing spaces in their own gardens, or other growing sites in the neighbourhood after a year or two, thereby making room for new participants, however this would be on a voluntary basis.  

Community Shed

Each hub is furnished with a community shed and a set of shared gardening tools.  The shed’s are designed to provide tool storage, but also a large enough space to be used to hold meetings (in clement weather), and have simple kitchen facilities.  The sheds have a large veranda for participants to sit out and enjoy the garden.  The sheds are designed and built by Edible Estates, they can be built by our own team, or as a community build with project participants.

Community Growing Association

The reason for having so many individual growing spaces is to create a sufficiently large group of participants who can between manage the site and the Edible Estates project for their neighbourhood after project hand over.

We support participants to establish a unincorporated association to manage the site, and give them training in running meetings and agreeing shared goals.