Awareness Raising Campaign
Active participation of residents is pivotal to the the success of a community growing project.  Folk don’t always join in on new things straight away, and it is necessary to make a concerted effort to raise awareness.  

We have developed ‘Dig For Victory Edinburgh’ as a positive campaign to encourage participation.  The main illustration (see below) is used on posters and leaflets which can be personalised for each neighbourhood, alongside other materials which follow the same theme.  The stages of the campaign in each neighbourhood include:-
  • a leaflet drop and door to door survey to gather the contact details of interested households, and useful local information;
  • households are invited to one or more public meetings to explain the goals of the project;
  • the set up of a community website for the project to keep people informed of progress and to facilitate communication across the group; 
  • liaison with schools and local community services to engage them in the project;
  • a series of free local workshops on subjects related to growing, this could be workshops on bee keeping, jam making, growing mushrooms, wild food etc;
  • a mini Grow Your Own course to establish a small demonstration ‘edible’ garden in a high visibility location.
Once we have assembled a group of interested households we move on to Participative Design Workshops.  The images below show the Dig For Victory poster, and photos from some of the promotional Dig For Victory workshops.

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