Grow Your Own Classes
Whilst some residents may already have experience of growing their own fruit and vegetables, others will be trying it for the first time.  During an Edible Estare project we provide two kinds of courses,  a six week introductory course, and a monthly class to give pointers on the gardening tasks for the coming month.  Depending upon the way the project is funded, these classes can be free to the participants or require a small charge.

We encourage all participants in the project to go on the six week course, so we know they all have the same basic skills and knowledge but there are several other outputs:-
  • The participants build raised beds at the Teaching & Growing Site during their course.  This has the advantage that they will know how to build beds again, but also creates a strong connection between participants;
  • The courses are a great opportunity for participants to get to know each other whilst working towards a common goal thus developing ‘community capital’;
The images below are from Grow Your Own courses we have run over the past couple of years.
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