Participative Design Workshops
Involving the target community in the design and development of the project is essential to ensure that the project meets the needs of the community.  It is also the best approach to build capacity and skills and knowledge of the participants such that the project can be subsequently handed over to be managed by the community.  The stages of a community participative design exercise are summarised below.

Following the awareness raising campaign, an ‘active participant’ group is assembled. The active participant group would be invited to a series of training workshops to investigate best practice in community growing/greenspace.  These would include presentations, written materials and site visits to best practice community growing projects.

The group would be facilitated to carry out surveys of the greenspaces in the neighbourhood.  These workshops would investigate the site factors which would affect the design and development of the project.  We would use the information collected to prepare an outline design for the neighbourhood, identifying where potential sites for the Community Growing & Teaching Garden and pother features such as wildflower meadows, community orchards and seating areas.

We would work with the group to identify what aspects of the project can be delivered by the group/residents, and those tasks which will require outside support.  The emphasis upon community self-build wherever possible.  Finally, the design and other project information would be pulled together by into a development plan which would provide the basis for the implementation of the project.
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