How To Set Up An Edible Estates Project
Our aspiration is to establish projects which are delivered and managed by the communities they serve, that provide a demonstration of what is possible and equip communities with the frameworks, skills and knowledge to adopt their project post-handover.  

We’ve provided a quick overview of the elements involved in setting up an Edible Estates project:-
  • A project may result from interest from residents, or a local organisation, we will carry out an initial neighbourhood investigation and community consultation to determine the viability of a project and how best to proceed.  See below for more information.
  • We develop a Promotional Campaign to attract households to get involved in the project.
  • We work with the community during Participative Design Workshops to prepare designs and plans for the regeneration of the greenspaces in their estate.
  • Wherever possible, we support local households to Community Build the project during volunteer workshops led by trained facilitators.
  • We deliver a series of Grow Your Own Courses to get people started in growing fruit and vegetables.
  • We determine with residents and other local stakeholders, the best framework for ongoing delivery and management of the project and Build the Capacity of the local community to manage or participate in that framework.

First Steps – Neighbourhood Investigation & Community Consultation

Our projects are designed to meet the needs of each community we work with. 
The first step in starting a new Edible Estates project is to meet with the local area contacts to discuss the project model and consider what would be appropriate for the local community.  We carry out a site appraisal which results in the preparation of a project proposal which recommends how the project could be achieved and potential costs.

If the local area contacts are willing to proceed we would look at how the project might be funded.  In most cases, it will be necessary to make funding applications to meet project costs.  Re:Solution would if need be assist in the identification and application for funding.  Up until the point where funding is confirmed, Re:Solutions time would be provided at no cost.  If funding is confirmed we would make a formal arrangement for provision of development services, and make a start on promoting the project.

Contact Us

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