The key features of the Edible Estates initiative are set out below.

Re-thinking Greenspace - Why So Much Grass?
An important starting point for the Edible Estates initiative is re-thinking the role and potential of the greenspace in and around social housing estates.  It is about converting blank expanses of grassland into biodiverse and useful ‘edible landscapes’, and changing the relationship that residents have with their local greenspace.

Much of the land within social housing estates is laid out to grass (see images).   Whilst some grassed areas are required for recreation and clothes drying, some land could be put to better use for example as food growing spaces, imaginative playspaces or wildflower meadows.  These grasslands represent a maintenance burden, and whilst cutting the grass may be good physical activity, this same effort could provide fresh, cheap and nutritious vegetables and encourage greater interaction and co-operation between neighbours.