The key features of the Community Growing initiative are set out below.

Community Empowerment Through Landscape
Traditionally, the greenspace in housing estates has been managed by the Councils with little involvement of local households.  Some Councils now contract large landscaping firms to regenerate and maintain greenspace.  These contractors have little or no relationship with the local households.  

In recent years, reducing budgets are limiting what Councils can do to maintain and upgrade landscapes, this opens up opportunities to encourage and support local households to take a role.  Best practice projects in community greenspace management have shown that multiple benefits come from involving communities in the design and management of their greenspace.

Our aspiration is to establish projects which, are managed by the communities they serve, that provide a demonstration of what is possible, and encourage and support households throughout the neighbourhood to grow their own, either in their own backgreen/garden or at community food growing sites in the neighbourhood.  

More over, our goal is for each project to be self-sustaining through ‘community self-help’ – neighbours supporting each other, and managing the project for themselves.  We use community participative design workshops to build the capacity of a group to design their own project.  This knowledge and experience is essential to understand the issues involved in the management of a community growing project.  To this we add training and support in how to manage their project.

However, we recognise that it will take several years to establish a community food growing project, and more to nurture the capacity of the local community to become more involved in their local greenspace.  

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If you are interested in setting up an Edible Estate project in your neighbourhood please contact us:-
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