Edible Estates is an initiative to promote best practice in the regeneration of greenspace within social housing estates. 

The initiative is the result of a collaboration of several third sector organisations and Re:Solution, an urban design practice.  Read more >

If you are interested in establishing a community greenspace project in your neighbourhood please get in touch:-

> 0781 729 2464

What is an Edible Estate?

Edible Estate’s approach is to understand the greenspace around a social housing estate as a valuable resource, which with the right support, communities can transform into beautiful, enjoyable and edible landscapes.  

More so, in the act of getting organised, setting goals, learning skills and working together, such projects can have a big positive impact upon the the community itself.

We hope for each Edible Estates project to facilitate a new relationship between households and their local greenspace, which promotes community resilience, health and well-being.   Interested? Read more > 


Neighbourhoods developing Edible Estates projects.  Read more >

Recent Project – Magdalene

Our most recent project is the Magdalene estate, developed with the Community Alliance Trust.  Read more >